Faculty Handbook

E. Maintaining Student Records

1. Attendance

Each instructor must take attendance at every scheduled class meeting and enter attendance records into the Faculty Portal by Sunday night of each week. Official attendance records are required for Title IV compliance, which requires that we be able to inform the federal government, for financial aid purposes, the exact date that a student last attended classes. More details on attendance policies are in the next section of this handbook, “Academic Policies.”

2. Rosters

Each instructor shall review the appropriate class rosters, verify that each student is listed on the rosters, and alert the Office of the Registrar of discrepancies. All students on the final roster must receive a grade, which should be submitted through the faculty portal.

3. Final Course Grades

  1. Submitting Final Grades

    Instructors are required to assign a grade for every student on their final roster in each course. The grade scale is included in the next section of this handbook, “Academic Policies.”

    All grades are due on the first Tuesday after the last day of final exams. Full-time, part-time, and adjunct faculty members are responsible for entering their course grades directly via the faculty portal. Students access their official final grades through the student portal. Faculty may discuss grades and academic work with individual students through e-mail if official university accounts are used.

  2. Grade Changes

    Once a final course grade has been submitted to the Office of the Registrar, grade change requests must be submitted through the employee portal within the course grade options.

  3. Maintaining Grade Records

    Each instructor should retain relevant student records pertaining to student performance in their classes for a minimum of three (3) years. Upon separation from the institution, the faculty member will deposit these records in the Office of the Registrar.

  4. Incomplete Grades

    When students are unable to successfully complete a course due to unavoidable reasons such as extended illness, follow the incomplete policy in the catalog.

4. Mid-term Progress Reports

Instructor must submit mid-term grades for students whose course average is a C- or lower. Mid-term grades should be submitted through the faculty portal by the Tuesday of the 9th week of class. Mid-term grades are not part of a student’s permanent record; instead, they are designed to function as an early warning system for struggling students, their advisors, and the SOS Team. Additionally, when instructors have concerns about a student’s progress, they should “send an alert” using the Pharos (SOS) website.