Course Catalog 2022-2023

Incomplete Courses

An incomplete (I) is a temporary grade given to students who at the time of request have completed the majority of coursework, have a passing grade in a course, and encounter a severe hardship, such as an extended illness, that causes them to miss two or more concurrent weeks of a course and/or renders them unable to complete the work in the normally allocated time. Students initiate the request for an incomplete with their instructor, and should include any available documentation regarding the need for the incomplete. Students have up to two weeks after the end of the session or term to request an incomplete from faculty. All work must be completed prior to the end of the following semester.

If approval is granted, the instructor will notify the Office of the Registrar (via form on, department chair/director, and student. The instructor will specify the requirements for completing the course and the grade the student will earn if the requirements are not completed. If the instructor is not available to work with the student in the upcoming semester, the department chair/director will assign a faculty member to oversee the completion of the work.

Both the incomplete grade (I) and the final grade are recorded on the student transcript.