Course Catalog 2022-2023

Credit and No Credit Grades

Students in good academic standing may elect to take at most one letter graded course per term as Credit (CR)/No Credit (NC) for a total of up to four courses while enrolled at Rochester University. Courses taken for CR/NC must be outside the student’s major, minor, or concentration. Before submitting a Credit/No Credit Grade Application from, students should investigate all possible implications:

  • The CR/NC Grade Application is due on or before the withdrawal deadline for the course. 

  • Once a CR/NC course is declared, the course cannot be converted back to a letter-graded course.

  • Many graduate schools and professional institutions may not accept CR/NC graded coursework in subjects related to an intended program of study.

  • The credits will be counted toward total degree credits earned but will not affect a student’s grade point average.

  • Students may retake a CR/NC option for a letter grade.

  • For English or Mathematics general education courses, only an NC grade can be awarded. 

  • For prerequisites for course sequences that require a "C- or better", only an NC grade can be awarded.

Final approval is granted by the Registrar after the student’s application is reviewed by Advising and Vocation Services.