Course Catalog 2022-2023

Course Repeat Policy

Students may improve final course grades by repeating courses. All grades appear on a permanent academic record, but only the last grade for a repeated course is counted toward graduation requirements and cumulative GPA. Repeated courses incur a regular tuition charge; however, courses that are repeated for which the student previously received a passing grade will count once toward determining financial aid eligibility. Students who have successfully completed advanced coursework in mathematics, college composition, or other disciplines may not take elementary coursework in those disciplines to improve their CGPAs.

Students who repeat courses at other institutions must earn a higher grade than their original attempt for the course to transfer; Rochester University grade point averages are not affected. Students should check with the Office of the Registrar to determine if a course taken at another institution will count as a repeat of a course taken at Rochester University. All original grades and academic standings will remain visible on the transcript.