Graduate Handbook 2023-2024

MA in Clinical Psychology

The mission of the Master of Arts degree program in Clinical Psychology at Rochester University is to educate students in a clinical, scientist-practitioner model through research-oriented training. The program prepares students to apply for a Master’s level Limited License in Psychology in the State of Michigan. Faculty are actively involved with students in research andclinical practice. Students will attain the theoretical, scientific, technical, and personal experience needed for the practice of clinical psychology for treatment, assessment, and research for diverse populations with appropriate mentorship and supervision and to develop the necessary skills for potentially entering a doctoral program. The program’s basic design is to provide training that promotes an overall knowledge of the discipline, basic clinical skills, and establishing an identity as a professional in the field of psychology. It is particularly appropriate for students who need advanced work to strengthen their profiles in preparation for application to Ph.D. programs or for those who wish to explore graduate level work before making a commitment to Ph.D. training.