Course Catalog 2021-2022

Traditional Students

Requirements for Admission

Applicants with a high school cumulative GPA of 2.25 or higher in university preparatory courses are normally given regular admission if their university entrance test scores meet the following guidelines:

Minimum College Entrance Exam Scores for Admission

ACT Score (#2072) Composite Score 18

SAT Score (#1516) New SAT (effective 2018) 960

Rochester University does not require the writing section of the ACT or SAT. However, prospective students are encouraged to take the writing section if they are interested in pursuing a degree in teacher education. The ACT is administered several times throughout the year. Registration forms are generally available from high school counselors or online Registration information for the SAT is also available from high schools and at

Conditional Admission for New Students 

Conditional Admission applies only to students new to Rochester University who are admitted, but do not meet the unconditional admission requirements due to high school or university GPA or ACT/SAT scores. Students admitted conditionally must provide evidence of their desire to succeed by utilizing resources made available to them by the university. Students who are admitted conditionally are required to complete an intake survey and meet with an academic coach prior to scheduling classes. Students must also meet with their academic coach during the first two weeks of the semester to create an academic plan. 

Conditionally admitted students are strongly encouraged to utilize Rochester University Academic Support services, such as ACE, peer tutoring, library resources, and academic advising. Traditional students who are accepted conditionally may take no more than 15 credit hours, and accelerated learning students who are accepted conditionally on academic alert may take no more than 13 credit hours. 

Students who are conditionally admitted must earn a 2.0 grade point average in their first semester to be in academic Good Standing moving forward. Any student who earns less than a 1.0 in the first semester is automatically dismissed. Students earning between a 1.0 and a 2.0 during the first semester are placed on academic/financial aid warning, as defined in the


Admission Procedures

To apply for the traditional undergraduate program at Rochester University, each of the following steps must be completed. For those seeking financial aid, completing these steps as early as possible is important.

  1. Submit a completed application for undergraduate admission to the Admissions Office. Application forms may be submitted online at
  2. Request delivery of your official transcripts to Rochester University.
    1. For students who are entering college for the first time or have 15 or fewer credit hours of college coursework completed, official high school and college (if applicable) transcripts must be submitted. To request a high school transcript, a Transcript Request Form is available for downloading at Transcripts are required before an admission decision is made. Students must make arrangements to have a final high school transcript sent to Rochester University after graduation. GED graduates must submit an official copy of their GED scores to the Admissions Office. The deadline to submit the official high school transcripts (or GED scores) is by census date (census date is the first Friday of each semester) of the semester the student first begins attendance.  Appeals to this deadline, due to mitigating circumstances, may be submitted in writing to  Please note, in order to be eligible for financial aid, final high school transcripts, showing successful graduation status, must be submitted.
    2. Students seeking to attend Rochester University who have 16 or more hours of university coursework completed must submit official transcripts from all colleges or universities they have attended.
  3. ACT or SAT scores are not required for admission during the 2021-2022 academic year. Normally, if you are entering college for the first time or you are transferring 15 or fewer credit hours from an accredited college or university, you are required to submit ACT or SAT scores to Rochester University (this is not applicable for accelerated programs). ACT or SAT scores noted on a high school transcript are acceptable for an admission decision, but the detailed score report is required for students pursuing teacher education. You may request that your scores be submitted to Rochester University at these websites: (ACT) and (SAT). Rochester University’s ACT code is 2072, and our SAT code is 1516.
  4. Rochester University recognizes the experience of living on campus as a valuable part of every student's university experience. The residential experience at Rochester University provides students with opportunities to grow and examine issues, including value development, decision making, problem solving, leadership development, and personal faith commitment. All first- and second-year students are required to live on campus in the residence halls. Exceptions to the residency requirement are outlined in the, available on the, and at

First Time in College (FTIC) Students

High school graduates with 15 or fewer credit hours of college or university credit are required to meet the following criteria for unconditional admission to Rochester University: a minimum 2.25 cumulative high school GPA or a minimum ACT composite score of 18 or new SAT score (effective 2018) of 960. Additional consideration may be given to component scores on each test. Students who did not graduate from high school may be admitted unconditionally if they earned a minimum GED score of 660 with no single test below 165 (GED scores from 2002 to 2013 must be at least 2250 with no single test below 410). GED scores prior to 2002 must be at least 225 with no score below 40.

Home-Schooled Students

Rochester University recognizes and values the educational experience of home-schooled students. These students are welcomed and encouraged to apply for admission through the process described above. The admission criteria for home-schooled students is the same as for students who graduate from traditional high schools.

The following information is required from home-schooled students who wish to take courses at Rochester University before their graduation:

  • Verification of home-school status and coursework
  • Home-schooled, Dual Enrollment, or Guest Student Application

Early Admission

High school students are eligible for early admission as full-time students at Rochester University based on the following criteria: completion of junior year of high school with a CGPA of 3.0 or higher and an ACT score of 21 or higher. Early admission students must make arrangements with their school districts to earn their high school diplomas or a satisfactory score on the General Equivalency Diploma (GED). The high school diploma or GED must be earned by the end of the second semester of enrollment at Rochester University. Students who have not earned a high school diploma or GED are not eligible for federal financial aid.

Early College

Rochester University partners with area school districts to allow high school students to earn university credits while still in high school. Rochester University offers various avenues for earning university credit:

  • The Early College five-year program offers both online and face-to-face instruction to enable students to earn their high school diploma and university credits up to an Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree. Students have the opportunity to earn up to 60 university credits from Rochester University. Early College students are also eligible to earn the Michigan Transfer Agreement stamp. Courses can be taken at the high school, online, and/or on the campus of Rochester University.
  • Enhanced dual enrollment through early college allows students to take Rochester University courses at their high school for university credit.

Current school districts participating in the Rochester University early college program are Avondale School District, Lapeer County Schools, Oakside Charter Academy, and Oxford School District.





Dual Enrollment


High school students who do not have an arrangement with Rochester University through their district may also dual enroll at Rochester University. After completion of their sophomore year, students may dual enroll at Rochester University and take lower-division general education courses or, with permission of the appropriate department chair, other lower-division courses. Dual enrollment provides a great opportunity to experience the university environment and earn university credits while completing the high school diploma. Students should consult their high school counselors to determine how university credits may apply toward their high school diploma requirements. Students who dual-enroll are granted a fifty percent (50%) tuition discount, are not required to pay the student support fee, and are not eligible for financial aid. This tuition discount is available for up to six semesters prior to the time the student completes the requirements for the high school diploma. Dual-enrolled students may enroll for no more than 11 credit hours of coursework per semester.