Course Catalog 2017-2018

Master of Religious Education Missional Leadership

The Master’s or Religious Education in Missional Leadership prepares students for leading Christian communities in a new missional era. As a situated learning degree, the MRE assumes that ministers best learn to lead in their context. To that end, students reflect on their practice of ministry primarily online. Students learn in cohort, taking the same twelve courses with the same 10-12 students. In addition to courses hosted online, students meet face-to-face one week each semester to learn from leading practitioners in Detroit, Chicago, Durham, NC, and Portland OR. The formation of leaders is enhanced by the practice of a cohort set of spiritual commitments with the guidance of a spiritual director. The entire experience is designed to enrich leaders in a variety of ministry roles, both paid and volunteer, to lead Christian communities in discerning and joining the mission of God.

Program Learning Outcomes

The following learning outcomes are linked to assignments and activities throughout this program. After completing program requirements,