Course Catalog 2017-2018

Degree Information

Each student is personally responsible for understanding and completing the requirements listed in his or her degree audit. Academic advisers are assigned by the college to assist students with this responsibility.

Degree Planning

Students may choose a degree program from the Rochester College catalog published during their first semester of enrollment or any subsequent semester. Students who re-enroll after an absence of 12 months or more may only be re-admitted under the latest program offered for the degree and major being pursued. Students who plan to transfer to another college to complete a major not offered at Rochester College should provide that institution with a copy of the Rochester College catalog, as well as their transcripts. This should be done early in the advising process. Ultimately, the student is solely responsible for knowing all degree requirements for both schools.

General Requirements

To earn a degree, students must meet the following requirements in addition to the courses required by the bachelor’s degree program:

  1. Complete a minimum of 120 credit hours, including at least 36 credit hours of upper-division courses (3000 and 4000 level course numbers). For any degree, at least 50% of a student’s major and minor core must be earned at Rochester College. In addition, once a student has reached senior status and completed 90 hours of coursework, no more than six hours of transfer work will be accepted. Transfer credit is not applied toward the calculation of students’ Rochester College GPA.
  2. Achieve a minimum 2.00 cumulative GPA.
  3. Achieve a minimum 2.00 cumulative GPA in chosen major (specific majors may require a higher standard).
  4. Demonstrate college-level writing proficiency by completing Composition A (ENG 1113) and B (ENG 1123) or their equivalents with a grade C or above. A grade of C- does not satisfy this requirement. Refer to the Rochester College Writing Proficiency Policy for complete information.

Changing Majors

Students who start with one major at Rochester College and then change majors in a later semester must meet the requirements in the current year’s catalog. For example, if a student started RC in Fall 2016, and changed majors in Fall 2017, that student would be required to satisfy all the requirements of the 2017-18 degree plan, including general education requirements. Contact the registrar for any questions on this policy.


Courses required for a minor cannot be concurrently applied toward courses within the degree core, major, concentration, or track. With department approval, students may use other courses, within the area of study, to substitute duplicate requirements.

At least 50% of a student’s minor core requirements must be earned at Rochester College. Rochester College only awards minors listed in this catalog.